Membership organisations

Website and CRM integration solutions for membership organisations

Website and CRM integration solutions for membership organisations.

CDS’ digital and content creation solutions exploit the full potential of your membership organisation’s database, enabling you to deliver targeted and individualised content to specific membership groups, giving you a perfect opportunity to increase member engagement and generate extra revenue with relevant added benefits.

We have helped leading regulatory and membership organisations like the General Medical Council and the British Veterinary Association to boost and collect revenue, and develop an interactive, engaged online following. With CDS as your partner, you can do the same…

CDS works with some of the UK’s leading regulatory and membership organisations, so we know your likely objectives include:

  • Membership engagement.
  • Increased site traffic – more ‘clicks’.
  • Extra revenue.
  • Membership database efficiency.

CDS is the ideal choice as a digital solutions partner for regulatory, professional and trade membership organisation.

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We know that your members want

Personalisation – they want to be treated as individuals.

Relevance – they want tailored and targeted content.

Easy interaction:

  • they want to find and absorb information quickly,
  • they want to interact with other members.
  • Added benefits that meet their needs, like continuing professional development and campaigns/petitions – and they’ll pay extra for it.

All for one – and one for all

CDS uses a unique blend of in-house digital expertise and content creation services to create leading-edge websites and interest-generating content that ticks all the boxes – both for your regulatory or membership organisation and your website visitors. And we can extend your reach to any other media, including mobile, mobile apps, blogs, RSS feeds, video, interactive publications etc.

Digital services

Professional, regulatory and charitable membership organisations such as the General Medical Council, ABC, CoStar and the British Veterinary Association are among the most recent users of CDS digital services.

We also deliver tailored business intelligence applications to every department within the UK Government, the Scottish Government and many of the country’s leading private sector companies.

Our web development work has grown organically year-on-year since 1997, largely based on repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

‘CDS were very hands on and contributed ideas as well as providing the technical solution … We were also very pleased with their project management. The end result is a strong video platform which delivers quality online video CPD to our members and gives us the options to build upon in the future. Recommended.’ – Ahsan Khan, British Veterinary Association.

Content creation services

CDS’ editorial and graphic design teams will make sure your content is effective and engaging, and communicates your messages to members, driving:

Engagement and involvement – consistent and effective messages make your site valuable to members, and demonstrate your organisation’s focus and purpose.

Identification – clear and convincing messages hook, inspire and engage, promoting your organisation’s aims, ethos and activities, and the benefits of belonging.

Recent users of CDS’ content creation teams include the Environment Agency, The British Army, the Olympic Delivery Authority, mBlox and the Ministry of Defence.

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Print management

We offer comprehensive Print Management services. Year on year we save large organisations over 20% on their print budget. Besides the obvious benefit of cost savings we help you gain greater control over your content and  brand.

CDS’ expert team can also help you with a strategic approach to ensure you communicate using the best format and channel, balancing digital and print communications, to ensure your message is delivered to the audience in the most appropriate format.