Defence Codex magazine


Codex magazine

The MOD wanted to launch a new quarterly magazine to encourage discussion of how science and engineering can ensure UK Armed Forces are equipped to be an effective ‘force for good in the world.’

Defence Codex had to be distributed across the extensive MOD infrastructure, plus suppliers, academics and others involved in the defence industry.

An electronic version of the magazine was also required for the MOD’s science and technology website

How the objective was achieved

Codex magazine

At CDS we relished the challenge of creating a high profile, authorative publication from scratch, working closely with a client who demanded a highly professional, proactive and innovative approach.

We realised that to achieve the MOD’s objectives Defence Codex would need to be more than a journal. With this in mind our designers set about creating a clear, authoritative and striking identity that would be compatible with the MOD’s corporate identity.

After consulting with the client several design treatments were created and then refined to create the finished product. The final design was contemporary and provided copy and images with a stylish layout that could deliver a large amount of information in a clear, easy to navigate format. We developed a flexible layout anchored by a suitable grid, to allow strong consistency throughout all the pages but with the scope to make layouts varied and different.

An editorial board was formed to facilitate a working relationship with the MOD. The MOD editor and CDS worked together closely to develop an editorial style and plan for each edition. Our assistant editor travels the UK visiting MOD sites, suppliers, academics, conferences and events to conduct in-depth interviews and research articles.

Photography in Defence Codex is sourced from a mixture of directed photo-shoots and stock photography. Powerful images are used for maximum visual impact to enhance the copy and illustrate text. Our professional proofreaders thoroughly check each issue before the magazine is approved and goes to print.

We also provide a number of ancillary services including subscription and, distribution management and updating the database.

Adapting to new challenges

Since Defence Codex was launched in 2008 times have changed and this has meant CDS taking a close look at the production and distribution costs of the magazine and coming up with ideas to reduce costs to enable both the print and online versions to continue.

By reducing the magazine’s size and making the journal section available online only, the magazine has now evolved into a leaner, more relevant publication reflecting the priorities of the current government.

The online version has also adapted to the need for up to date information in this area with the introduction of a news ‘ticker’ that displays the latest news.

Winning Communicators in Business Awards of Excellence in 2008/09 and 2009/10, Defence Codex has shown its strength by adapting to today’s demands and becoming leaner, fitter and determined to maintain its role as essential reading for anyone involved or interested in defence science.