Audit Bureau of Circulation

The objective


Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) independently verifies and reports on media performance, providing
a major trading currency for media owners and buyers across print, events, digital and evolving platforms. ABC had two websites – one for off-line media and another for digital media.

ABC’s five year old websites needed a complete overhaul. Content was handled by a third party making updates cumbersome and inefficient.
The websites were also out of date with ABC’s current branding.

To address these issues ABC commissioned CDS to develop a website that:

  • reflected the current ABC brand
  • incorporated information held on both ABC and ABCe sites in
    a single site
  • enabled non technical staff to make changes to content
  • provided end-users with bespoke reports

How the objective was achieved

The ABC website, used to access high-level audited circulation data about media publications, was over 5 years old and starting to look tired and inconsistent with other ABC-branded collateral.

In addition:

  • all content was managed and updated by a third-party contractor –
    there were no tools for non-technical staff to update the website
  • the ABCe website was a separate entity to the ABC website –
    as a result, both sites were managing similar content.

The brief to CDS included four key requirements:

  1. Develop a website that fits with the ABC and ABCe brand
  2. Develop a website that incorporates ABC and ABCe information
  3. Develop a solution that allows ABC staff to update the website
  4. Develop a solution that enables end-users to manipulate data and produce tailored reports.

The solution

CDS viewed the project in two main streams:

  • corporate information
  • ABC data

The corporate information element was developed using a new website design supplied by ABC’s design agency. CDS developed a value-for-money solution using EPiServer CMS which allows ABC’s non-technical staff to add new content and manage existing content via easy-to-use interfaces. Additionally, the solution provides ABC and ABCe information from the same location.

Given the huge amount of data in ABC’s databases, the data element of the project was developed using SQL database and SQL reporting services. ABC and CDS spent many hours analysing the data requirements and formulating a solution that enables end-users to create specific reports in an easy-to-use and friendly manner.

ABC were keen to develop a subscription model so CDS incorporated an ecommerce/online payment gateway to manage this process.


The new website ensures the ABC brand is consistent across all media.
The use of a content management solution provides ABC with complete control of their website which helps to reduce running costs and decreases lead times between creation and display of new content on the live website.

The data side of the website empowers end-users to create and generate reports specific to their own needs. The solution is easy to use and guides
the user through logical interfaces where they select the data required in the report. Previously ABC customers were presented with generic data which
often meant customers would contact ABC for bespoke reports. Since the development of the new solution, ABC can use this time for collective gain rather than individual customer gain.


CDS services used in this solution:

  • EPiServer CMS implementation and development
  • Application development
  • Application support, maintenance and management
  • Training
  • End-user SLA-governed service delivery
  • PRINCE II Project Management and User Group Management