Customer profile

British Veterinary Association.

The British Veterinary Association (BVA) supports vets and people connected with the profession from student life onward into professional life.

BVA provides a range of member services and acts as a spokesperson for the profession, reacting to media enquiries and lobbying government in support of their members. The BVA also supports members through focussed events and by offering professional development opportunities.

Business Challenge

BVA sought to develop to meet the rising demand from veterinary professionals for online video content. They required a system that would organise and deliver video content in channels aligned to veterinary practice, with the potential to generate additional revenue from members and non-members.

The system needed to be easy to navigate and use for members, and easy to manage for BVA’s administrators. BVA were keen to build upon their existing platform to minimise ongoing support costs.

Solution description

CDS provided an end-to-end solution that builds upon BVA’s established website platform, previously implemented by CDS. CDS worked closely with BVA to ensure that was designed and developed to meet the needs of its users.

CDS’ technical team delivered a solution that allows BVA to manage and publish content using their CMS. The solution includes pay-per-view capability, integrated with BVA’s online payment gateway. BVA also administer the pay-per-view prices across the site through their CMS.

Member benefits

The system recognises BVA members and non-members and serves each audience appropriate content and pay-per-view prices. This enables BVA to generate revenue while delivering added benefits to members (ie a lower price for online content). Registered users also benefit from the “My Videos” section, where videos they have bought can be viewed again.

The solution combines Open Text (RedDot CMS) with bespoke .NET components, and a Flash-based video player tailored to BVA’s requirements, which ensures content is widely accessible.


The new online service has boosted BVA’s profile as an innovator in the provision of continuing professional development (CPD), and is regarded as an excellent added-value service by members.

CDS’ integrated solution delivered all the requirements without increasing their software and support costs.

Services provided by CDS

1. Online video

2. E-commerce

3. Application development

4. CMS development

5. PRINCE II Project Management

Index of terms

BVA: British Veterinary Association

CPD: Continuing Professional Development

CMS: Content Management System