Zurich Insurance’s evolving digital strategy

Zurich’s digital transformation

CDS is working with Zurich Insurance’s UK marketing team to deliver a medium and long term strategy for effective digital transformation. Central to this, is the ability to gain greater customer insight to deliver web personalisation between the customer and broker.

To achieve Zurich’s goal, CDS worked closely with the UK marketing function, as part of the discovery phase, to define the digital marketing vision and made a series of recommendations focused on delivering early business value. This involved designing a target operating model (T.O.M.) which identified the key customer interactions, and the data process and systems that are required to support them.

This process unveiled the different CRM and content delivery systems that exist across the organisation and highlighted the need to build bridges between the different data sources to enable the creation of a cross channel digital communications platform.

Supporting Zurich's digital strategy

From the discovery phase, the first work stream included the creation of a central data warehouse. This allowed the organisation to bring together disparate customer and broker information to deliver greater data insights and sharpen Zurich’s marketing approach.

To help surface customer data, CDS is currently developing an operational dashboard that will form the presentation layer. This will allow marketing teams to slice and slice the data to drive customer/broker propositions and enhanced market opportunities.

Further project phases will include equipping marketing teams with a 360 degree view of the customer to facilitate the delivery of personalised content. By doing so, Zurich’s Marketing Team will not only be able to enrich the customer experience, but importantly drive increased sales opportunities.

Services provided by CDS

  • Digital consultancy
  • Agile development
  • Content management consultancy and development
  • Infrastructure and technical architecture consultancy
  • Data schema and warehouse design and build
  • Extraction, transformation and load (ETL) tasks to bring in disparate data sources into a common data warehouse
  • Report and dashboard design and development
  • Testing
  • Release management

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