MOD Print Management

The objective

MOD Print Management

During 2005 and 2006 MOD, through in OJEU, ran a competitive tender exercise to appoint a Print Manager to meet its print requirements of the MOD. An exhaustive review took place, conducted by a Technical and Commercial Panel consisting of MOD Commercial Branch, the Print Category Management Team, MOD Central Print Procurement Unit (CPPU) and SME’s from the MOD Media & Technical Publications Groups. In accordance with their recommendation, it was agreed to let the MOD Print Management Contract to CDS.

Under the contract, with the exception of certain specified work, it was agreed that CDS would obtain five quotes for each job going to print. To ensure that MOD was not adversely affected by fluctuations in the market, a ceiling price matrix was agreed and implemented on the contract.

How the objective was achieved

The scope of the contract is extensive and covers a range of printed material on both paper and other substrates using diverse printing methods and technologies. The contract covers the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force and corporate printing requirements.

Under the terms of the contract MOD customers are also able to access CDS services, which include writing, editing, graphic design, internet and software applications and specialist technical publications and engineering support services.

In any one year the CDS Print Management Team in Norwich will service in the region of 500 to 600 individual MOD customers. Apart from the various Heads of Media the vast majority of those customers have little or no print experience, and that knowledge gap is made worse by the fact that any military personnel that CDS deal with move regularly from their post.

CDS uses its historic knowledge of the contract, continuity and experience to challenge customer’s requirements to ensure they get the best solution for their product – providing real support to customers who may have limited knowledge of the printed products falling into their area of responsibility.