Thames Estuary 2100

The objective

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency contacted CDS to provide design, proofreading and printing services for one of the most important consultation documents to be published in 2009 – the Environment Agency’s Thames Estuary 2100 Flood Risk Management Plan for Consultation.

The objective of the report was to examine the danger of flooding in the Thames Estuary area (TE2100) and the steps that can be taken to protect people, businesses and infrastructure in the area, which covers about 500,000 homes and 40,000 non-residential properties, including key government and financial centres in London.

The audience for TE2100 includes Government Ministers, business people,
the general public and other stakeholder groups.

The Environment Agency’s team had spent over three years researching the information that went into the report and this substantial body of work had to
be presented in a clear, accessible format. They needed CDS to help to pull together a vast amount of information together into a suite of publications that presented the information in a clear, well designed and engaging way, within a very short timeframe.

How the objective was achieved

CDS was given three weeks to structure the content and create a design and layout that was clear and easy to navigate.

The suite of documents included the main consultation plan and a public facing summary, as well as several marketing items designed for the launch of the consultation process. Many of the stakeholders were only interested in a particular section relevant to their concerns. The design and layout had to enable these stakeholders to find information quickly and easily.

We also ensured that the structural integrity of a Strategy Document and annexes was maintained during their preparation as electronic PDF documents, and carried out a proofread of all the materials.

In order to meet the extensive publishing requirement within a very short timeframe, CDS created a publication team under a Senior Designer and led by a dedicated Project Manager. This team took ownership of the TE2100 project on behalf of the Environment Agency, and:

  • devised an effective and easy to use document navigation scheme, enabling the audience to find their specific areas of interest
  • created a unique design approach for the suite of documents
  • carried out design, layout, typesetting and preparation of the publication suite for a fixed event deadline
  • accommodated extensive text and reference amendments on a rolling basis throughout the design process
  • liaised with stakeholders, Environment Agency staff and event planners to ensure all aspects of the publication project proceeded according to schedule

Few companies can pull together a dedicated team in such a short space of time, especially one that spans several disciplines. Our experience and ability to work flexibly and be available 24/7 to meet no-fail deadlines stood us in good stead on this project.

CDS integrated seamlessly with the client team and was able to support them at every step of the project. We ensured the most cost effective print solution was used and that the suite was printed on environmentally friendly paper stock, approved by the Environment Agency.

The project was launched in April 2009 by Sir David Attenborough at an event attended by Ministers, stakeholders and environmental campaigners. Feedback has been very positive and the client was delighted with the result. Following the consultation exercise, CDS was commissioned to provide similar services for a suite of response publications, and to work with the team undertaking a similar consultation exercise for the Lower Thames area.