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Providing a comprehensive range of support services for over 50 years, we have built a reputation for providing innovative solutions, quality and value for money to our clients.  Organisations requiring bespoke problem solving solutions choose us because of our flexible and imaginative approach and “can do attitude”.  The below expositions of our inventory management and data repository systems are typical examples of this.

CoSMOS and Keepnet were borne out of unanswered needs identified by some of our existing MoD Team clients.  Readily available, off-the-shelf systems did not address the Teams’ aspirations.  Our clients have been delighted with the results, reporting increased efficiency, transparency, productivity and substantial cost-savings. These systems are also available to you, should you have similar requirements and can be tailored according to your needs. Alternatively, we can develop an entirely new solution specifically for you.

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Inventory and obsolescence management


Component, Supplies and Materiel Obsolescence System (CoSMOS) is a complete inventory management system designed and developed by CDS.

CoSMOS allows users to track components against their usage rates, volume and value. The system highlights whether stock needs to be purchased, or potentially sold, by tracking against an Out of Service Date (OSD).

The system stores component information, based on Nomenclature, NSN and Quantity. It can also display components in a hierarchical tree, enabling the user to see how individual components relate to their parent, sibling and child constituents. This view, coupled with the costs against the OSD view enables the user to make informed decisions in relation to inventory management, such as the value of any surplus stock held past the OSD.

Component usage information can be entered manually, or imported from any other third party stores system (such as COGNOS). When a stores system import is performed, the monthly usage rate becomes available for each component and the usage information is displayed immediately to the user.

CoSMOS provides an instant visual representation of your inventory in a clear and easy to use manner. Existing users have reported increased efficiency and significant cost-savings as a result of using CoSMOS.


 CoSMOS will match NSNs for items entered on the component usage and import sheets, highlighting any components that are in the source data and not found in the stores system and vice versa.

Data validity

CoSMOS highlights irregularities in data, such as components that have NSNs missing or two different items that have the same NSN. This can be especially useful when data is being used from (as an example) a Cat 711 (Illustrated Parts Catalogue) as it provides an extra layer of Quality Assurance (QA) to the publication.

Have it your way

This is not a ‘one-size fits all’ product; each CoSMOS system can be specifically tailored for any type of equipment and additional functionality can be added according to your needs.  Options are endless, but some examples include:

  • Highlighting surplus stock or when surplus stock value exceeds a certain limit
  • Graphical displays depicting usage rates and component value
  • Predictions on future usage rates (trends) or stock run out dates
  • Additional component information, such as MPN and DMC can be stored

Digital archive search

KeepNet Logo

KeepNet is a cost-effective, quick and simple to use networked PDF digital archive and search engine. Whatever the format of your documents and whatever their type, CDS will collate, convert, categorise, and index them, making it easy for you to search for the information you need, when you need it.

How it works

CDS can handle the complete design, development and implementation of the system, with the option of converting all documents and records to PDF by our security-cleared team. This can include document categorisation and indexing tasks by applying metadata to each individual document. Intuitive in design, the system is so simple to use, it will require little time for training however, this will be provided along with a concise user manual.

KeepNet has two user levels; the general user who performs searches and can categorise documents and the administrator who can also create/update indexes and add new document categories and metadata as required.

Key Benefits

Comprehensive search functions

  • Search via a variety of methods; by category, keyword, variant, date etc
  • Fall-back folder search method possible if the indexes are not available

Fast  and accurate search results

  • Dramatically reduced search times
  • No need to trawl through copious files and folders

Uses existing MoD approved software

  • Requires a minimum of one Adobe Acrobat Pro 7.0 licence or later to maintain the system and Microsoft Excel to categorise documents
  • No additional software purchase necessary, reducing costs

Fully customisable

  • Can be customised to include as few or as many document categories or areas as required
  • Fully scalable to include any number of documents
  • Additional or alternate search functions can be added
  • Style and appearance, tailored to suit your project or brand

All your information in one place

  • Find your information quickly and easily
  • All data can be backed-up and stored securely

Potential space and cost savings

  • By converting cabinets full of hard copy archives into electronic format and therefore reducing storage costs

Fully maintainable by customers’ own trained staff


  • Currently in use within four teams within DE&S
  • Awarded the MoD Quality Award in 2012 for being a robust, flexible and quality, knowledge management solution.
MOD Quality Award

Whatever your supportability requirement, we’ll find the right solution for you.

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