Functional and Systems Safety Management

CDS offers comprehensive support services in the field of functional and systems safety management. Many of our Safety Engineers are ex-military personnel with significant experience in the delivery of safety and risk management advice.

HMS Dragon's Lynx Helicopter Firing Flares

Our services provide clients with clear, comprehensive, compelling and auditable arguments that their chosen systems and equipment are safe for use. All our activities are conducted in accordance with industry best practice and prevailing military and commercial standards including: DEF-STAN 00-56, JSP 815, 454, 520, 430 and guidance given in the MoD’s Project Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS).

We provide safety management support services to the MoD, Primes and SME defence contractors for in-service, legacy and Urgent Operational Requirement (UOR) equipment, including: standalone equipment, vehicles, complex weapons systems, installations, transmitter sites, capabilities and system of systems. These services are delivered across all phases of the CADMID cycle.

CDS’ safety management support services include the provision of:

  • Safety Management Systems
  • Safety Management Plans
  • Hazard Identification and Analysis
  • Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)
  • Risk Estimation
  • Risk & ALARP Evaluation
  • Hazard Logs
  • Safety Appraisal – Safety Cases produced retrospectively for legacy equipment
  • Safety Case Reports to support both legacy and new equipment
  • Independent Safety Audits
  • Independent Safety Assessments
  • Independent Safety Advice
  • Safety Management System Audits

The delivery of our services is achieved by the use of specialist tools including but not limited to:

  • Cassandra
  • eCassandra
  • Adelard Safety Case Environment (ASCE)
  • Bow-tie


  • Independent Safety Audit, Assessment and Advice (ISA)
  • Air Domain
  • Land Domain
  • Ordnance/Munitions/Explosives (OME)
  • Complex Weapons Systems
  • Communications Equipment and Systems
  • Safety Training


  • Independent and unbiased – we have no commercial allegiances with manufacturers
  • We employ engineers with specialist expertise and experience in meeting Defence sector requirements
  • Security cleared staff – DV cleared staff capable of handling protectively marked materials up to the highest levels
    ISAF Soldiers Fire a 105mm Light Gun
  • Spacious Government approved secure premises including storage, workshops, vehicle bay and meeting rooms
  • An innovative flexible approach that has earned CDS a reputation for successfully delivering challenging projects