Training products: bridging the gap between classroom and firing range

Mortar Training screenshot

Mortar Training Screenshot

CDS working in partnership with FIDES Enterprise Solutions Ltd provide high quality, innovative training products to defence sector clients worldwide.

Using expert military trainers and innovative technology, our training expertise ensures the safe, efficient and effective use of military equipment and systems.

Mortar Training

Watch the video overview below.

We developed a bespoke method and media learning solution for the British Army’s Mortar Training School increasing the cognitive flexibility of Mortar Platoon training using the L16 81mm Mortar.

A comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) identified the knowledge skills and human capabilities gap of current training. This enabled the development of an innovative learning programme including a cutting edge blended learning solution.

Working with subject matter experts (SMEs), we developed a uniquely realistic training simulation product based on actual terrain, equipment and in-service techniques. The product uses algorithms reflecting precise and accurate real world ballistic and environmental data.

This approach can be applied to users of mortar systems worldwide and is adaptable for a range of weapon types.

Read the full case study here.

Sniper Training

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HQ Army tasked CDS to develop a Sniper Training product for the Army Sniper School. The requirements of the solution were to allow students to practice and develop the skills associated with the ranging and adjustment of the service telescopic sight. Read the full case study.

“CDS has created a ‘one-of-a-kind product’ bridging the gap between the classroom and the firing range. The most exciting aspect of this solution is the realistic physics used to accurately calculate the bullet’s trajectory, making this stand out from any other training tool.” said David Heeley, MBE.

Leaders in Digital Transformation and Blended Learning

We deliver:

  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Training Options Analysis
  • Training Design and Development
  • Blended Learning Technologies
  • Training Delivery & Learning Support Systems
  • Training Audits and Evaluation
  • Training Management and Quality Systems Design
  • Technical Documentation & Safety Management
  • Integrated Logistics Support

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