Application development

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CDS has one of the largest and most skilful web application programming teams in the UK, delivering enterprise-grade solutions to government and industry that are:

  • mission critical
  • in daily use by thousands or tens of thousands of staff, not casual web surfers
  • highly secure
  • compatible with every network environment the UK government operate


Web application examples include Find Me Some Government Space (FMSGS case study below), ePIMs and the Environment Agency’s Flood Warning online system. See more…

Asset Factory delivered on iOS and Android enables you to manage the value, costs, risks and performance of your property, people and supply chain assets. It is easy to use and provides instant reporting insights from a secure and cost effective cloud based solution. Read more…

Sniper Training app: “CDS has created a ‘one-of-a-kind application’ bridging the gap between the classroom and the firing range. The most exciting aspect of this app is the realistic physics used to accurately calculate the bullet’s trajectory, making this stand out from any other training tool.” – David Heeley, MBE. Read more…

Our customers trust us to deliver challenging and complex services in easy to use and efficient ways.