Web applications

There are many good reasons for government and industry deploying web applications. For example:

  • they are easily accessible by staff on a PC and laptop
  • they are cheaper to deploy and maintain than installed software services
  • they are quicker to develop and enhance
  • users can usually learn to use them more easily

What distinguishes us from system integrators and traditional software developers is our combination of in-house web application and web designer teams to provide a true end-to-end service. This allows us to offer a unique hybrid service that:

  • is easy to use as well as functional
  • end-users can adapt to quickly – often they can self-teach
  • is compliant to accessibility (W3C) and web development standards as well as software development principles
  • is based on open web standards using frameworks including .Net and SQL
  • works within a web browser in the way a regular web user would expect and enjoy rather than having to ‘learn’

In short, we are a nimble and agile team from a web-development background who are the ideal partner for today’s focus on tactical web apps.