Asset Factory™

Do you recognise these challenges?

If you recognise any of the issues listed below then you will want to find out more about Asset Factory™.

  • Cannot achieve one version of the truth with respect to Property Asset Management?
  • Value, costs, risks and performance reporting is complex and labour intensive as data is contained in silos?
  • Equally, you know that Property Asset Management is about People and their Productivity.
  • Cannot view insight and Intelligence in real time and when you are mobile?
  • Your customer portal and reporting solutions have not kept pace with technology?
  • Software licensing and operational systems are expensive and out of date?
  • You want greater control over your Property data – creating value and moving you into new markets?
  • How can I use BIM data from the CAPEX processes into the OPEX processes as per the Government Soft Landings initiative?

The solution: Asset Factory


Asset Factory™ is a strategic management tool that aggregates multiple property, facilities, energy, health and safety and people data sets.

It provides senior management with a holistic view that drives actionable insight into how a property estate is used and how it can be improved.

You can measure, manage, plan and report at multiple organisational levels to understand where improved performance, sustainability and cost reduction can be achieved.

It ensures regulatory compliance against any property-related risks. It shows the impact and consequences to workplace effectiveness and satisfaction from property related decisions.

Every measure is accompanied with a complimentary piece of data that when combined provides further insights.

Now, organisations can unlock the insight hidden within any data connected with their workplace assets by aggregating data sets, including:

  1. Real Estate Management Systems – rent, rates, space, leases, occupancy etc.
  2. Computer Aided Facilities Management Systems – risks, compliance, supplier performance, asset equipment lifecycle management and optimisation.
  3. Programme & Project Management Systems – capital investment planning and costs.
  4. Energy Management Systems – consumption optimisation, costs, carbon reduction, BMS, and Internet of things (IOT).
  5. People and Productivity (Leesman etc.) – activity, features and facilities use and satisfaction.

Developed by CDS, Asset Factory™ has an outstanding ten year plus pedigree. CDS is the primary supplier of the UK government’s property asset management database – used to unlock insights and manage the entire Central Civil Estate.


Top 10 Asset Factory benefits

  1. Clarity – able to see a real time view so that you can take proactive action and mitigate risk
  2. Visual Insight – allows you to surface data to identify trends and spot anomalies eg performance against previous period
  3. Ease of use – data is easy to understand and presented in a user-friendly dynamic dashboard
  4. Automated reporting – which not only reduces the internal resources, but improves the accuracy of reporting and provides access to real time data
  5. ‘What-if’ scenarios – allows you to slice and dice the data and model different scenarios to provide options and help inform the right decision
  6. ‘Did you know’ reporting – by spotting outliers within data, you can drill into exceptions and understand issues
  7. Risk reduction – puts you in control of your property data
  8. Emphasis on actionable analytics – each piece of data shows current performance against previous period and allows you to take necessary action
  9. Best of breed – using CDS’ property and asset management heritage and MicroStrategy BI, rated by Gartner as leaders in the world of BI
  10. SaaS application – no need for hardware or capital expenditure. Managed service via Cloud subscription service
Asset Factory

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Customer stories

Cabinet Office chooses Asset Factory

CDS has implemented Asset Factory™, a strategic property and estates BI dashboard, for the Government Property Unit (GPU) in the Cabinet Office.

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Royal Mail uses Asset Factory

The Asset Factory™ app assists in ensuring that possible business critical incidents are dealt with to keep Royal Mail operating.

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