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Watch this demo video showing Compelo’s Motor Sport iPad dashboards designed by CDS (demo uses a small sample of test data).

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We deliver business intelligence that allows Board members, managers, mobile staff in the field, call centre operatives and digital marketers to take direct action to affect change as a result of the reports, alerts, dashboards and applications we put in our customers hands.

Our focus is on delivering actionable analytics to help organisations leverage the value of their data and social networks.

TFL dashboard

Customers use our business intelligence services to:

  • Drive out £5 billion in annual property management costs.
  • Track and report on the readership of every UK printed publication (magazines, newspapers etc).
  • Manage the UK’s central carbon reduction targets – tracking over 1.7 billion megawatts of energy each year.
  • Increase lead generation through analysis of user data within web systems and now social media cloud services such as Facebook.
  • Independent auditors confirmed that one MicroStrategy enabled platform alone, designed and implemented by CDS, has helped the UK Government save over £26 million each year.

Find out how our customers have benefited from the following services:

“CDS is a leading Solution Provider for MicroStrategy UK and Ireland for core Business Intelligence and reporting, mobile dashboard and app development, and enterprise scale social CRM.”

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We recently launched Asset Factory™”, a software as a service, that the Cabinet Office and Royal Mail are now using. Asset Factory allows you to manage the value, costs, risks and performance of your property, people and supply chain assets.

We can help you with upgrades to the new MicroStrategy products and deployment for:

  • MicroStrategy Server™ benefits all user roles. It includes a fully-featured server infrastructure designed to connect to multiple data sources, supports all major analytic styles from report distribution to information-driven apps to self-service data discovery, and scales to hundreds of thousands of users. It also includes administration and monitoring tools needed by organizations to effectively and efficiently manage their deployments.
  • MicroStrategy Web™ empowers business users to consume, author, and design analytics through an intuitive web-based interface. Business analysts can use MicroStrategy Web to take advantage of the all-inclusive set of self-service analytic capabilities.
  • MicroStrategy Mobile™, the award-winning, industry-leading interface for Apple iOS and Android devices, is an easy, fast, affordable way to mobilize analytics and information-driven applications to an increasingly mobile and 24 x 7 workforce.
  • MicroStrategy Architect™ provides developers with an extensive set of development, deployment and migration tools needed to efficiently manage the application development lifecycle.

If you’re:

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  • you would like to enhance your dashboards or
  • take the next step on your BI journey.

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