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ePIMS dashboard

ePIMS dashboard

CDS offers services covering the entire life-cycle of data warehouse design, metadata, schema and fact table design, modelling and platform implementation across the enterprise.

We will implement a secure, scalable, easy to maintain and easy to use business intelligence solution that gives you access to the Big Data insights you need to monitor trends, forecast business opportunities and enhance productivity – all delivered in visually pleasing dashboards to your mobile device, web browser or Microsoft Office application.

Case study: CDS BI system helps shrink Government Estate and lowers running costs

CDS developed the Government’s electronic Property Information and Mapping Service (ePIMS) – the largest property asset management system known to exist in Europe. It holds information on over 45,000 buildings across the public sector estate.

Cabinet Office needed to reduce the size of the Government estate by reducing space usage and lowering running costs. The specific target is to reduce the size of the estate (and monetise it) by reducing space usage from over 25 square meters down to 10 square meters per person. Achieving this would save hundreds of millions of pounds. To provide the tools for property managers to better manage the entire civil service estate, CDS developed the Government’s electronic Property Information and Mapping Service (ePIMS). This web-based system is mandated for use across government and updated by every property management team in the country.


Following implementation, the independent National Audit Office has credited the ePIMS system with delivering more than £54 million in savings. The square metre per person metric tracked below that of the private sector for the first time ever in 2011 and has improved further (IPD Statistics). The MicroStrategy reporting tool utilised within the Cabinet Office is now being rolled out to other departments:

  • Department for Work and Pensions, Scottish Futures Trust, Welsh Assembly and Northern Irish Assembly are the first additional users coming online; Ministry of Justice next.
  • Any UK government body can join the system and utilise the MicroStrategy/ePIMS cloud service without need for an internal IT resource.


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