Tactical application build and implementation

Underpinned by MicroStrategy’s technology CDS has designed an iPad application that incorporates core PRINCE2 best practice project management tools. The tactical application enables steering group boards to make decisions before programme deadlines slip due to rogue projects, and to divert resources appropriately as quickly as possible.

The app provides tracking, filtering and reporting on deadlines, expenses, resources, risk and more, placing all the information steering group boards need to make decisions, literally at their finger-tips on their iPad. There is no other system that we are aware of that does all of this so easily and in such an accessible way.

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Case study: actionable analytics for programme and project management

A UK transport organisation faced a number of challenges when delivering large programmes with multiple projects using a plethora of internal and external suppliers and contractors. These included having no common reporting mechanism across suppliers and a clear need for central programme board coordination.


Using MicroStrategy’s solutions CDS provided an application to enable steering group boards to make decisions based on a visually clear and logical representation of project data.

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