Intranet and extranet

Supporting and developing Wesleyan Assurance's intranet

Supporting and developing Wesleyan Assurance's intranet

The skills and services that underpin intranet and extranet applications are inherited from our web application service.

Customer stories

CDS, EPiServer’s largest UK Premium Partner, provides Wesleyan with technical expertise and ongoing support as it continues to build and develop its intranet, supporting the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

Watch the video below to see how we are helping Wesleyan Assurance realise their vision of the digital workplace.

Wesleyan Assurance

Wesleyan, like all financial services providers, faces the challenges posed by digital transformation. Access to information and knowledge within the organisation and improved ways to communicate across the traditional departmental boundaries are vital to the process. CDS is helping Wesleyan to develop their Intranet to meet these challenges. Read the full case study here. It provides further information on specific projects we are running at the moment and background information to the video above.


  • CDS has ISO27001 (Information Security Management System)
  • our staff are typically ‘SC’ cleared by the UK Defence Vetting Authority
  • our services can be tested by external third parties
  • our coding standards are available to customers so they can vet the source code’s security
  • our services have been verified by CESG (the UK’s National Technical Authority for Information Assurance)
  • we are among a handful of organisations approved to connect directly to the UK government’s secure intranet

Data exchange

CDS designs, implements and supports two-way secure data exchange services. For example, we set up the Highways Agency’s traffic information news service that provides data about road conditions, traffic warnings and roadworks that the media and many individuals rely on.