National infrastructure

National Rail is one of our transport clients.

National Rail is one of our transport clients.

CDS has a growing portfolio of clients involved in delivering services that form part of the UK’s national infrastructure. These clients include National Rail Enquiries, Transport for London, the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Defence, Environment Agency, Metropolitan Police, Central Government departments and 14 local authorities.

We offer our full range of services in this sector. As with all of our work our goal is to deliver an improved user-experience to the end-user as well as delivering systems that make work easier and more pleasant for our client’s marketing, communications and customer service teams.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the scope of projects we deliver and why we think that if your company operates in this vertical we should be talking to each other.

National Rail Enquiries website

The National Rail Enquiries (NRE) website receives between 600,000 and 2.5 million website visitors per day. Providing a reliable up-to-the-minute information service to travellers is a top priority.
NRE chose CDS because we have extensive experience in delivering large scale, high traffic, content managed sites.

CDS also architected a hosting solution that ensures 99.99% web site availability at the infrastructure and application level.

Transport for London's new website.

Transport for London

Transport for London engaged CDS to undertake the technical development of a Content Management System (CMS) that manage and distribute content on the new website.

In the first two days after the new website launched on Monday evening, 24 March 2014, it served over 6 million pages in 1 million visits from 900,000 customers.

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

Metropolitan Police Service

We launched a new ground breaking Agile project to provide digital services to support the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS).

We also have a second contract with MPS to provide print services. MPS has 31,000 officers, 13,000 police staff and 2,600 Police Community Support Officers.

Emergency responders


We deliver ResilienceDirect™ to the Cabinet Office. ResilienceDirect™ is a solution offering real time information sharing for emergency responders and helps to facilitate multi-agency collaboration – helping to make the UK a safer place.

Thames Barrier

Environment Agency

We designed and developed the Environment Agency’s Flood Warning flood warning and river levels applications to protect homes and  businesses across the UK. CDS also supports the Environment Agency’s intranet.

Next steps

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