Automated social media moderation


Social media moderation allows for a high level of automated moderation, supported by human moderation, that strips out content from the social media channels, like Facebook, blogs, wikis, etc.

Some organisations have ‘web consultants’ who operate in much in the same way as traditional customer service operatives, except they work online.

Some organisations set up and run a social media command centre enabling employees to track and monitor keyword hits and the performance of existing campaigns. They support front-line staff and respond when necessary.

However, human moderation is unworkable. Continuous 24/7 monitoring of every post to your social media channels is simply too expensive, and with the software available today, equally unnecessary.

We believe that once you have chosen to engage in social media and are publishing your branded content into this environment, you need to be in a position to protect both your brand and your honest, valuable customers, from abuse, racism and plain stupid behaviour from some users.

CDS has teamed up with an established vendor of moderation software to allow you to manage all your social media channels easily and cost-effectively.

The software has a unique technical solution with highly developed artificial intelligence that learns from the human inputs as it goes. This is profanity filtering at its most sophisticated, and is used successfully in some of the world’s largest networks used by teens and pre-teens.