Onsite social media


Onsite social media services allow and encourage your readers to join or form social media networks within your website. Some pages created by CDS allow you to promote through as many as 300 social media channels.

Want to…

  • build your own community?
  • show reviews on your website?
  • drive traffic from your Facebook and Twitter accounts?

Onsite social media helps.

Onsite social media services are a good way to generate visible and long term ROI (return on investment) from social media.

Every website CDS has created in the last 12 months and any new project going forward has an element of social engagement in its service model. From the simple ‘Like’ or ‘+1’ button through to direct API integration and social apps, such as ‘follow me on Twitter’ buttons to fully integrated ‘connect with Facebook’ single sign-on integration.

CDS can deliver onsite social media services to connect your core website to the social web effectively. See some of our clients’ sites: