Social CRM


Social CRM is used within the primary social media channels including Facebook. It harnesses technology to organise, automate and synchronize business processes – particularly sales activities and marketing, but also for customer service and technical support.

CRM helps you:

  • find, attract, and win new customers
  • nurture and retain the customers you already have
  • entice former customers back
  • reduce marketing and client service costs

We have created a solution called CDS Connect, which works with MicroStrategy to deliver a unique social CRM service. We can work with all social media CRMs including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+. In this single system you can:

  • get a user profile, not just a ‘like’ – dramatically increase the knowledge you have about your existing and potential customers by accessing their social profile at a deeply engaged level;
  • connect fans to the most appropriate content/offer, rather than sending out broadcast updates to all fans – analyse and segment your actual and potential customers into fan groups; personas; through to individual social profiling and begin building a long term, social network of your own;
  • move beyond the campaign or the viral – using a combination of  CDS Connect and content that inspires an audience to act for you, and continually engage with your audience to build out your own: social CRM experience; social loyalty/support programme; social commerce business

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