Social media management


A clear strategy is essential for businesses wanting to use social media effectively. CDS can help.

Social media has changed the way people search for and consume brand information, and the way they interact with organisations.

Using social media can:

  • increase revenue
  • improve customer service
  • provide customer feedback
  • generate sales leads
  • communicate brand value effectively to target audiences
  • be used for market research

However, too many businesses are rushing into social media and end up creating expensive support channels, for example Facebook pages, that drain resources and do not deliver a high enough return on investment.

We will design a social media strategy to make best use of your internal teams, current systems and resources. We will advise you on the solutions available to deliver your business objectives.

Our experts will help you to avoid typical pitfalls. Use our social media strategy tools to:

  • choose the most suitable social media channels and tactics that will help your organisation generate revenue and cut costs
  • understand your audiences and the way they use social media (and what your competition is doing)
  • set business objectives aligned to your different target audiences
  • create an action plan based on your new social media strategy