Social media monetisation


CDS works with MicroStrategy to deliver a unique social customer relationship management (CRM) service. It enables you to:

  • access the social graph of your Facebook customers,
  • create your own social data network,
  • analyse and then engage with your audience,
  • communicate on a one-to-one basis, within a single system.

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Facebook is the biggest CRM database ever created, with more data added every hour than most global firms have EVER created.

Facebook pages provide news and dialogue with customers, but cannot be targeted. Facebook advertising allows targeted messages, but only limited dialogue. Neither pages, nor advertising offer rich interactivity.

Companies need Facebook applications to bring targeted, personalised content and rich interactivity to customers.

CDS can help.

How not to do it

Find out about the pitfalls as highlighted by Google Analytics In Real Life – Online Checkout on YouTube.