Social media monitoring


Social media monitoring provides valuable information that reveals the sentiment, volume and reach of activity within your markets. It can also flag up increases in negative sentiment and enable you to react by engaging users at the source, for example Twitter, Facebook, Google+,  etc.

Social media monitoring tools equip you to take an overview of user interactions, quickly assess user sentiments in comments on any subject, and respond quickly and positively to limit any negative impact.


Social media monitoring focuses on the listening stage of the listen – learn – act lifecycle.

CDS are expert at researching the social media landscape for the terms, competitors, topics, products and opinions of interest to you, and who the key influencers are online.

We have teamed up with a leading monitoring software vendor to provide a managed service for social media monitoring.


When we’ve listened, we compile and present our findings as clear, useful market intelligence. Our reports explain the results in a way a senior executive and marketing team can use. There are different levels of reports:

  • one-off snapshots – where our report covers a short period, for
  • instance a month
  • periodic reports – which are regular, but spread over a longer period, for instance monthly reports over a six-month period
  • real time alerts for particularly hot or dangerous topics


We will work with you to evolve and improve:

  • your social web channels
  • the reports and insights month-on-month