Social media publishing


You don’t want to waste that investment as you move to the new social channels such as Facebook and Twitter. All that time and money, all that amazing technology, all that staff training and hard-won experience can still be an asset. CDS will show you how.

With CDS technology, we can ensure you still benefit from your CMS as you publish content to the new social channels. Find out how CMS editors can simultaneously publish content to their primary website, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and similar channels. That is – write once, publish many.

The CDS solution

CDS Social Connector can be configured to publish content to major social networks via their standard APIs.


We are also aware that social media channels place a substantial new burden on your marketing and website teams because of the demand for fresh and relevant content. CDS is expert at crafting content that is timely, on-message and right for the channel. We can be used as an extension of your internal team or equally as a primary, outsourced content supplier.