We create desirable, goal driven designs. Our online site and application design delivers the desired business outcomes, whether that be a sale, user-registration, application user-efficiency or any other goal. Our experience includes:

  • the Environment Agency– where our design work has to ensure that any member of the general public can understand critical flood warning information
  • the Cabinet Office – where large national datasets need to be exposed to the media, ministers, and the general public in a clear, searchable online report
  • our work for national law firms and membership organisations, such as the General Medical Council, who need to engage with their audience with absolute authority and professionalism, while selling their products and services

Our designers take a user-centric approach. They first consider:

  • corporate brand identity
  • offline design history
  • client aspirations
  • design goals.

What our clients say about CDS design and branding

Our approach

We begin with conceptual work, starting with storyboards and graphical concepts, through to initial executions and prototypes. We always keep our clients’ requirements, and their customers’ requirements, at the heart of the design concept.

Online design work is taken through a testing process to assess brand impact and, as with all online projects, create additional momentum.

We typically know the journey’s starting point and the business goal we need to accomplish on the exit point (such as a sale, or a user-registration). Our  job is to lead end-users through the site or application to achieve the exit goals. This involves ensuring:

  • functional usability and formal accessibility are delivered
  •  that the journey is clear and easy to follow (breadcrumb trails often being used as an analogy)
  • that the experience is enjoyable and consistent
  •  that wherever possible there is a positive, dynamic element of ‘surprise’ that lifts the user-experience beyond a repetitive point and click process, and delivers a reward per click in the users’ mind

Ultimately design is a balance of the objective element (clear success criteria discussed above) and the subjective element (more akin to art); does it appeal to your audience?