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FMSGS screenshot

FMSGS web-app screenshot

CDS is expert at building business-critical web applications. Examples include Find Me Some Government Space (FMSGS case study below), ePIMs and the Environment Agency’s Flood Warning online system.

These web applications provide significant benefits including cost savings to Government, improved efficiency and help protect the lives and property of millions of UK residents.

Our web-apps meet the Government’s most stringent security requirements.

If you require a secure, reliable web-app that can enhance your use of business critical data for staff or customers, then CDS can help.

Case study: FMSGS for the Cabinet Office

Find Me Some Government Space (FMSGS) is the Government Property Unit’s (GPU’s) website that enables the public to browse, for the first time, details of office space they can buy or rent in the government’s surplus or under-used properties.

UPDATE: Since writing the case study things have moved on quickly and FMSGS was further developed with new features and relaunched as Government Property Finder. You can read our blog post for more details.

FMSGS was developed by CDS Digital in super quick time as an add-on application that uses the Government-owned Electronic Property Information Mapping Service (e-PIMS™) platform, itself developed by CDS for the GPU as the central database of the government’s civil estate.

The website is similar to homebuyer property search sites, enabling prospective purchasers and tenants, or just the curious, to search for government properties by location or size in the same way that people search for a new home.

FMSGS and the next phase of the GPU’s initiative – Government Space 4 Growth, which enables organisations to utilise under-used office space at ‘nil cost’ – are helping to save government money as well as opening up new opportunities for jobs and growth as new life is breathed into under-used and surplus properties.

Chloe Smith, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform said: “We’re making the civil service more efficient and cutting waste; as a result we have properties both owned and rented that we need to do more with. Not only will this website help to save government money but local economies will see new opportunities, jobs and growth as new life is brought into empty and under-used properties.”

Customer profile

The Government Property Unit – part of the Cabinet Office – manages the Government’s property estate.

Business situation

The Government had under-used and surplus office space in many of its properties in London and throughout Great Britain.


Building onto an existing e-PIMSâ„¢ platform, CDS took just eight weeks to develop an application that enables the public, for the first time, to view surplus government office space that is available to rent or buy.


  • Accelerates delivery of cost savings and sustainability targets.
  • Helps departments identify surplus and under-used property assets.
  • Creates possibilities for interdepartmental estate rationalisation and co-location.
  • Breathes new life into under-used buildings.
  • Opens up new opportunities for jobs and growth.

Slide deck from FMSGS website launch

Find Me Some Government Space – new website to sell government buildings from CDS

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