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Get Set for Olympic Team GB

Get Set for Olympic Team GB

Whether you need a new brand to be created, a brand refresh or help with maintaining and developing your brand, CDS has the experience and expertise to work with you to achieve your goals.

Brand creation

CDS can help you develop a distinctive and memorable brand that tells the story of your organisation. This creates a positive impression that drives your customer engagement and boosts your recognition and reputation.

‘CDS helped us make our identity more clear to businesses, to customers and the entire mobile industry. We are making this brand live. People identify who we are and understand what we are trying to achieve.’

Barbara Moretti – Strategic Marketing Manager, mBlox

Creating a brand identity is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ process. It is a unique undertaking, defined by a range of variables specific to the organisation, the sector it operates in, and its target clients.

CDS Creative Services’ expertise can help you develop a unique brand identity to reflect your organisation, your products and your services across all communication platforms, from website and social media channels through to printed sales collateral and stationary.

mBlox case study

Brand development

Our professional team of business analysts and creative graphic designers will produce a road map to refresh, develop and/or redefine your brand. This enables your organisation’s profile to flourish and grow in a fast-changing environment.

‘We chose CDS to undertake our brand refresh exercise due to their technical expertise and know how. With 14 disparate customer groups and the need to shift to a multi-channel approach, their research and analysis provided the evidence to underpin a successful brand refresh which is helping us to deliver against our communication objectives.’

James Davenport
Senior Communications Manager
NHS BSA Customer Insight and Communications Team

Successful brands evolve to stay fresh and eye-catching – even the best branding can soon lose its lustre. This is often driven by the rapidity of technological innovation, introduction of new media channels and changes in fashion and style. Brands that don’t keep up risk losing ground to established rivals, as well as fresh-faced newcomers to the market.

CDS’ brand development expertise can help keep your brand fresh and attract the attention of both existing and new clients. Brand development can range from adapting a brand for a new media channel through to a complete overhaul.

CDS business analysts and graphic designers will review your target market and branding to create a road map to update and refresh your corporate identity. This will give your organisation the impetus to flourish and grow.

Brand implementation

CDS’ team of professional graphic designers and skilled artworkers have many years’ experience of successful brand implementation.

‘CDS just “gets us”. We know that anything we involve CDS in will go smoothly, will be delivered on time, and that the CDS team will do all they can to make life easy for us.’

Dan Tomlinson – Publications Manager, LOCOG

Creating a brand identity can be a big investment, but brand creation is only half the story.

Whether a product is designed for internal use or to inform and impress your clients, branding must be properly and creatively applied to maximise its impact … even more so on flagship products.

CDS’ award-winning graphic designers and artworkers have a long and successful history of applying branding to clients’ products:

  • Our professional graphic designers produce creative concepts, designs and layouts that reflect your brand identity.
  • To keep your costs down, our skilled artworkers then apply the selected design to a single product, or to a range of products on an ongoing basis.