Content services

CDS offers a wide range of content creation and editorial services to ensure you get the right message to the right person – regardless of the channels you need to use. Our content services ensure that you put the needs and expectations of your customers at the forefront of your thinking.

Our content services include:

  • Editorial for print
  • Editorial for digital channels
  • Journalism

Editorial for print

CDS provides proofreading, editorial and copywriting services for any type of printed product.

Our proofreading service helps you to protect your reputation – ensuring accuracy of spelling, punctuation and grammar and any obvious inconsistencies (for example use of capital and lower case characters).

Our editorial services help you to maintain and develop your brand identity and engage more effectively with your target audiences. We can look at how the content needs to be structured, clarity of message, plain English and writing to agreed house-style conventions. We can also recommend how imagery and graphics can be used to enhance your messages.

We have developed brand guidelines that include best advice on writing styles as part of our brand identity offering – and we have conducted training courses to help our clients roll out good editorial practice across their organisation.

We also provide copywriting and technical authoring services – generating content from scratch from desk research, interviewing key stakeholders and customers or amalgamating content from disparate sources.

Editorial for digital channels

Whilst many of the principles of good content apply equally to both printed and digital channels, there are subtle but important distinctions between the two disciplines.

CDS provides an extensive range of digital content editorial services, including:

  • Content audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content structure and accessibility
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Content generation
  • Content rewriting and editing including plain English and house-style conventions
  • Content migration

Our digital editorial services cover a wide spectrum of customer needs – from generating engaging content to shape user behaviour, to ensuring regulatory compliance with legal-based content.


CDS has in-house journalists who specialise in content generation for magazines and publications for both staff and external audiences.

Our journalists not only write content that engages, informs and entertains – they can also act in a managing editor role to manage the production of your publication. Typically this service involves:

  • arranging and leading editorial boards
  • suggesting articles and angles
  • developing page plans and production timetables
  • conducting interviews
  • writing content
  • arranging photography, design, print and on-line delivery of the publication

Accessibility specialists

CDS can help you to communicate effectively with audiences that are traditionally harder to reach.

We have always been experts at clear communications – with a team of editors who specialise in plain language writing.

However, we have also developed specialist skills around EasyRead and image only publications.

Our EasyRead offering combines specialist editorial work with bespoke imagery – transforming complex information into simple messages which are easily understood. We can adapt our style and levels of detail to cater for a number of audiences including audiences:

  • with learning difficulties
  • whose first language is not English
  • with low literacy levels

If required we will undertake user testing with the intended audience to ensure that the product works effectively.

We have many public sector EasyRead clients, including the Office for Disability Issues and the Government Equalities Office.

As a direct result of our EasyRead illustration offering, we worked in collaboration with Coventry and Warwickshire University Hospitals to develop an image only product called Pictocomm©.  This enabled medical staff to determine the needs of patients who are unable to communicate verbally.