Design services

Campaign - Alive at Delapre

Multi-channel campaign - Alive at Delapre

CDS offers a comprehensive range of design services across multiple channels.

Whether you need a campaign delivered, concepts creating, publications designed or engaging illustrations produced, we are here to help.

Campaign execution

CDS has worked with many clients to help them deliver and run campaigns across both print and on-line channels.

We have helped clients to increase the take up of child flu vaccinations, increase reporting and awareness of slave labour and raise the profile of an area and its community.

Conceptual design

Whether you need a full-blown campaign or simply an eye catching publication, CDS’ designers have the creative skills to develop design concepts that will engage with your audiences.

Typically one of our designers will meet with you to discuss what you are trying to achieve – who you are trying to influence and how you want them to act.

Taking account of audiences, channels and budget we use a blend of composition, layout, illustration and typography to produce a range of unique design concepts for your consideration. Once a concept is selected, we develop it into working design templates, for use across all appropriate channels.


Illustration and imagery

The right image, applied by a skilled designer, can be an immensely powerful tool that differentiates your product and engages with your audiences.

At CDS we help our clients to find and apply images to their greatest effect.

As well as having access to both royalty based and royalty free images, we have in-house illustrators who can develop bespoke illustrations to really make your product come to life. We also have rosters of professional photographers for bespoke shoots to enhance your products and your image library.

Product and publication development

CDS’ award-winning graphic designers and artworkers have a long and successful history of applying branding to clients’ products. Our professional graphic designers produce creative concepts, designs and layouts that reflect your brand identity. To keep your costs down, our skilled artworkers then apply the selected design to a single product, or to a range of products on an ongoing basis.

We have designed publications for numerous high-profile clients – ensuring they engage their audiences with creativity and clarity.

Our design expertise has been recognised by many awards for clients including the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

Multi-channel delivery

As an end-to-end communications specialist, CDS specialises in design for both print and digital media.

Our digital design services include:

  • UX design
  • Website design (internet and intranet)
  • Application design and development

We believe that the key to effective communication is to use the right blend of channels at the right time – the overriding consideration being the needs and preferences of your target audiences.

The correct blend of printed and digital channels ensures you do not preclude any audiences.

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Accessibility specialists

CDS can help you to communicate effectively with audiences that are traditionally harder to reach.

We have always been experts at clear communications – with a team of editors who specialise in plain language writing.

However, we have also developed specialist skills around EasyRead and image only publications.

Our EasyRead offering combines specialist editorial work with bespoke imagery – transforming complex information into simple messages which are easily understood.

We can adapt our style and levels of detail to cater for a number of audiences including audiences:

  • with learning difficulties
  • whose first language is not English
  • with low literacy levels

If required we will undertake user testing with the intended audience to ensure that the product works effectively.

We have numerous public sector EasyRead clients, including the Office for Disability Issues and the Government Equalities Office.

As a direct result of our EasyRead illustration offering, we worked in collaboration with Coventry and Warwickshire University Hospitals to develop an image only product called Pictocomm © – which enables medical staff to determine the needs of patients who are unable to communicate verbally.