Brand creation

mBlox branding

mBlox branding

Corporate branding has three key aims:

  1.  To represent the visions driving the organisation’s performance and culture.
  2.  To create and maintain demand for the organisation’s products/services.
  3.  To generate commitment and buy in from the organisation’s people.

Creating a brand identity is not an ‘off-the-shelf’ process. It is a unique undertaking, defined by a range of variables specific to the organisation, the sector it operates in, and its target clients.

CDS Creative Services’ expertise can help you develop a unique brand identity to reflect your organisation, your products and your services across all communication platforms, from website and social media channels through to printed sales collateral and stationary.

mBlox case study

mBlox is a global company providing mobile messaging services that support five billion mobile devices across the world.

mBlox exhibition stand

mBlox came to CDS with two requirements:

  •  CDS Creative to create a completely new visual identity to reflect their corporate personality. Young, enterprising and innovative, but also solid, reliable, trustworthy and secure.
  •  CDS Digital for our website CMS and CRM development expertise.

CDS Creative professionals worked with mBlox to discover and understand the company’s personality. We then created core elements that included a new logo, colours, typography, images, an icon to complement the logo and graphic devices for brand recognition.

We then brought the core elements together to create a complete visual identity, implementing the new brand ID across key mBlox products and producing brand guidelines to help mBlox staff use the new branding.