Easy Read approach

Easy Read Illustration

Easy Read Illustration

CDS Easy Read publications combine bespoke illustrations with simple clear text. The system was designed to help organisations improve the way they communicate with people with learning disabilities.

It has been tested and enhanced through consultation with people with learning disabilities, people with low literacy and people who do not speak English as a first language together with organisations such as the Office for Disability Issues and Government Equalities Office, Welsh Assembly and the Home Office.

Our Easy Read system ensures that your text is clear, with short sentences, simple punctuation and no jargon. Bespoke illustrations are designed to complement the text and aid understanding.

Each illustration is the result of the designer, the writer and the client working together to decide on the best way to communicate an idea. The quality and effectiveness of these illustrations is infinitely superior to ‘clip art’. The positioning of the illustration in the layout is also crucial so that it flows within the text to aid comprehension

The illustrations are created by an expert designer to perfectly match the text in tone, clarity and meaning. This enables people to read the illustrations and grasp the key messages.

Research conducted by CDS has shown that over 90% of people interviewed found CDS Easy Read better than other ‘easy read’ systems. Users praise the clarity of the illustrations, the layouts and the way text and illustrations were combined to make information easy to understand.