Graphic design concepts

UK Commission for Employment and Skills document

Sometimes called ‘conceptual graphic design’, a graphic design concept is a preliminary idea created by a graphic designer in response to a client’s brief.

The graphic designer listens to the client to develop a full understanding of their needs. He/she then interprets the client’s brief and, using a blend of composition, layout, illustration and typography, produces a range of unique design concepts for the client’s consideration. Once a concept is selected, the designer develops it into a working design template, taking account of the client’s comments and preferences.

For economy, an artworker/typesetter usually applies the client’s material to the agreed design template.

CDS’ team of graphic designers will use their professional creative skills to turn your brief into a unique, attractive and appropriate vehicle to impress your readers.

UK Commission for Employment and Skills

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) wanted a supplier that could supply a full end-to-end service to design, illustrate, proofread and print a major report for the UK governments.

UKCES chose CDS because of our long history of producing high profile reports for Government, and the flexible, complete solution we offered.

CDS graphic designers met the report’s authors to discuss its content and analyse the Commission’s plans and recommendations. This enabled them to generate design concepts for text and illustrations that fully complied with the Commission’s brand.

Following design approval, we moved quickly to typesetting to meet the tight deadlines for print and publication.