Marketing services

Digital marketing services and solutions

To support digital marketing delivery that optimises channel shift from print to digital, we offer a wide range of services and tools.

Content creation

We provide full service content creation including writing, editing, graphic design, branding, photography, video, animations and illustration.

We output in all formats optimised for print as well as digital media formats including tablet, desktop, kiosk, television and mobile.

Content marketing calendar

Our content marketing calendar tool enables us to:

  • Focus on inspiring, connecting with and providing value to your audience
  • Plan for the future
  • Leverage and integrate content across different channels and audiences
  • Create once, use many (increased ROI)
  • Streamline resources
  • Improve your internal teamwork and help generate ideas and innovation
  • Embed a routine of content development
  • Help set expectations with your audience so that they promote your content and organisation

Campaign clickstream

Campaign clickstream model.

Each campaign is put into our clickstream model to plan the flow of visitors and measure how many people move from one gate through to the next and how many people drop off at each gate/stage. This allows us to track which user-journeys are most effective.

Content management

Your content management system (CMS) should be hub of your communications, enabling you to control your content and how and when it is published.

We develop cutting-edge CMS solutions that integrate with Business Intelligence (BI), CRM, social media and marketing automation systems to deliver a personalised user-experience and achieve maximum impact, empowering you to manage content seamlessly across mobile, tablet and desktop screens.

UX process

We favour a UX approach, responsive design and agile development (where appropriate to the project).

We are partners with market leading CMS software vendors and EPiServer. However we will work with you to choose the most appropriate CMS for your organisation. If you prefer Open Source we have experience in building both WordPress and Umbraco CMS websites.

Print management

Victoria Square, Birmingham

We are the contracted print management supplier to 14 local authorities, including Birmingham City Council (one of the largest local authorities in Europe), and numerous large organisations including Middlesex University and Queen’s University Belfast. We cover the full range of print solutions from traditional litho to print on demand, digital print, promotional items, secure print and exhibition materials.

Our print management services are underpinned by innovative systems that balance automation of administration, MIS and production with that vital ingredient, real world human experience and advice from our experts.

What differentiates CDS from our competitors is that we have no need to ‘feed the print machines’ and can therefore offer completely objective advice as to whether a document should be printed or whether it would be better to produce an electronic version.

Clients benefit from our advice, solely based on the needs of your customers and the effective delivery of communications to your target audience.

Digital Asset Management for Print

In response to the need to store company assets securely and online, CDS developed a web-browser based application that enables clients to search and store images and share sensitive documents securely, internally and externally. Assets are stored with metatags, allowing keyword searches to facilitate ease of access.

Contact Database Development

We will assist you in developing your contact database by importing all of your existing contacts. These should ideally be added to a CRM system, which would enable us to segment and target the audience with relevant content.


HTML templates and email distribution

In response to reductions in marketing expenditure and the need for self-serve solutions, CDS developed an online design template system for straightforward often required items such as posters, flyers and newsletters. Once the templates are created, clients can directly input their own text and graphics with limited or no design skills. This provides a self-serve solution and eliminates the costs associated with repetitive design work and ensures brand compliance.

Collaboration tool

Objective Collaboration application for the Civil Service.

To help streamline the process for transferring artwork and capturing comments, CDS has developed an online collaboration tool, which allows users to:

  • securely upload base content and images
  • upload and download proofs
  • share proofs and ideas with contributors
  • capture comments and
  • provides full version control and record of approval.

Email Marketing and Automation

You may look to introduce an email marketing system and new automated and behavioural marketing methods. New products emerge all the time but already a few market leaders have established themselves, for example our partner Silverpop, the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile, and social.

CDS Connect

CDS has developed a product called CDS Connect that integrates deeply with Facebook’s social graph, enabling organisations to filter their “fans” and target them with relevant content.

CDS Integration Capability (including CRM integrations)

Digital Marketing Graphic

CDS is an agency with a strong technical background and we are able to deliver the more complex types of web projects that are associated with enabling a step change in online services.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of taking a website page and making it easily consumable for your website users and for search engine robots. SEO is an integral part of every website project that CDS undertakes.

A wide variety of factors influence SEO success and CDS is one of the few digital agencies with real expertise across all elements that impact on these success factors – ranging from information architecture to navigation, to technical considerations that influence page load times, content creation and social media as well as traditional SEO territory such as keyword research, HTML optimisation and link building strategies. In a nutshell we do more and we integrate every other element of your digital marketing strategy to ensure you achieve your business objectives and a high ROI.

Pay Per Click advertising

Google’s research indicates that the average Adwords account wastes anywhere from 20% right up to 60% of budget.

We have the resources, knowledge and expertise to help you benefit from Adwords strategies as well as remarketing and display advertising.

A Google Adwords campaign takes time to set up – to research keywords, write adverts and create the campaign settings. Once the campaign is up and running it needs regular monitoring and management. We have the resources and expertise in place.


Listen, learn and act

Measurement is undertaken within the context of our digital marketing measurement model which incorporates your objectives, goals, KPIs and the target audience segments of each campaign.

We apply appropriate, agreed metrics and AB testing.

The benefit of having these metrics in place is to allow a clear basis for management discussion and reporting about marketing spend effectiveness and the relationships that will exist between spend, channel/media selection and actual effectiveness.

Analyse Spend

The simplest way to measure and analyse spend is to look at the total spend in relation to the size of the audience that we reach. Beyond this we will look at other KPIs to ensure that your campaigns and communications are achieving best value for money.


Analyse Effectiveness / Reach

Reach can be defined as the total audience that saw a publication or post. There are various tools to measure reach including free tools such as Google Analytics or Facebook’s Insights.

We will work with you to refine how reach is defined and how it is best measured by your organisation.

We look at effectiveness in terms of the specific goal that we set out to achieve. Ultimately the effectiveness of marketing should be measured in terms of shifts in behaviour. Are more people using your website to perform specific tasks?

Advice and Consulting

Revise and agree alternative strategies as appropriate

Our clickstream model always includes a feedback loop so that each new activity benefits from what we have learnt during the previous campaign. During each campaign we constantly measure and use the data that we have gathered to tweak campaign materials. Digital marketing allows us to instantly trial and update landing pages, downloads, sign-up forms and calls to action. Printed publications may need to wait for the next publishing cycle but across all of our content we ensure that responses are measured and both qualitative and quantitative feedback is used to shape future materials.

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