Electronic Document Management

In today’s environment businesses need management, processes and distribution information effectively and must be able to interrogate, assimilate and access that data where and when needed. Our responsibility is to ensure that our clients can manage and access their information to the best advantage of their business.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You need more space
  • Retrieving hardcopy documents from storage is slow or problematic
  • Legislation requires your business to address compliance issues
  • The deterioration of document quality is beginning to render them useless
  • You are looking for immediate cost savings against time consuming processes 

The adoption of any component of our Document Lifecycle Services will deliver great value and benefit to an organisation. The utilisation of our collective solutions will improve your entire document management lifecycle; providing significant time, cost and risk reduction by converting all document streams into the appropriate electronic format, facilitating their fast distribution, processing and ongoing secure retention.

In this section of the website we cover an overview of our Electronic Document Management service and our scanning and digitisation service.

Complete Electronic Document Management

Every day organisations receive an increasing flow of information in many forms: data, documents, images, voice; a diverse range of formats that require managing in order to be of use and value.

Contracting out this service enables a fixed cost approach combining document scanning with a best-of-breed electronic document management system that brings the files to you – information at your fingertips.

We offer an initial consultation and audit of your documents, their use, access and distribution, and security requirements, including a proof of concept trial. Our aim is simple – to create a single point solution making your electronic document process consistent, compliant, scalable, easy to use and economical to run.

CDS’ service can include the options below:

  • A bespoke solution with no up-front capital costs
  • A simple monthly payment plan for legacy (back archive) scanning
  • Digital mailroom solutions (Post room scanning and data management)
  • Cost transparency for immediate/future scanning
  • Scanning of any documents, aperture cards and plans
  • Data capture and processing
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Collection, storage (subject to audit) & return
  • Secure document destruction following QA sign-off and issue of contract certificate

CDS scanning services are certified:

  • BS10008 (Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information)
  • BS EN ISO 9001 Certificate No: FS 36088 (Quality)

More detail about our company standards and policies can be found on the Corporate section of our website.

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