Central government


Whilst the switch to digital by default will have had a profound effect on your ability to communicate and engage with all stakeholders, you still need to meet all statutory obligations and operational needs, whilst demonstrating best value to the public purse.

Like many other technologies, print continues to evolve and advance and offer new opportunities for innovation. However keeping track of these innovations and industry trends can be difficult for many users – from the busy Communications and Marketing professional with a complex campaign, through to a one-off user with a simple print job. Correct use of your brand and sustainable choices can also be a minefield for the unwary.

As a major provider of print services to the Government Departments and Agencies, CDS is well placed to control brand, content, output and costs. We continue to deliver significant savings and innovation to the clients we work with, constantly evolving our services to meet changing requirements.

We work with over 70 major publicly funded organisations, providing expert advice and consultancy to ensure that you get the best outcome and eliminate risk.

Our dedicated Account Managers provide a highly visible and accessible single point of contact, taking a partnership approach in discussions on all projects, often as early as the conceptual stage. Using their knowledge and experience, they can advise users at the earliest stages what print and online options are available, where savings can be made or conversely where costs could be incurred. They also understand short timescales and immovable deadlines and work closely with you to minimise risk and ensure projects are delivered on time and budget.

As brand custodians, they analyse every project against your corporate brand guidelines to ensure that it is delivered is on brand. Where appropriate, we take your sustainability and environmental policies into account in our recommendations.

Our Account Managers also have access to other professionals across CDS, all of whom are expert in their own field covering design, brand, editorial, online communications, print, personalisation, mailing and fulfilment.

In our regular contract reviews with our clients, our proactive partnership approach is cited as the major factor in our ability to deliver projects that are always fit for purpose and on brand, whilst offering the best value for money.