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How the NPS Print Services Framework can help the Welsh Public Sector easily procure best value print services


CDS has been reappointed as the exclusive Print Manager (Lot 9) on the new NPS Wales Printing Services Framework Contract effective from 12 January 2016. This latest contract has an initial term of four years.

Unlike the previous exclusive single supplier arrangement (details of previous exclusive contract below), the new Framework Contract is divided into Printer lots (Lots 1-8) and an exclusive Print Manager Lot (Lot 9) to which CDS is appointed.

The new framework contract is designed to encourage many more Welsh public sector organisations to use the contract, offering them flexibility in the services they require, whilst leveraging our combined spend to drive cost efficiencies and support the Welsh economy.

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Why is Print Management (Lot 9) a good solution?

The Print Management solution (Lot 9) provides you with access to specialist print expertise across all your print requirements. As Print Management specialists we will:

  • seek to understand what you want to produce – audience, timescales, budget, and whether a hybrid print/digital solution is appropriate
  • provide advice about available options to meet your requirement and assist in the completion of a formal specification from which the requirement is costed
  • invite up to five appropriate Welsh print suppliers from the CDS approved and vetted supplier database to provide a quotation for the work required. (CDS uses its skill and judgement to select only the suppliers that will provide the most cost efficient solution, ensuring that you as the client gets the best market price at the time)
  • check the quotations to ensure the suppliers have correctly priced the requirement according to the specification instructions
  • provide a formal fixed quotation against the agreed specification or, any number of quotations if various options are required
  • generate print-ready artwork (as necessary) using our own in-house graphic designers and/or artworkers or, alternatively, use the client’s print-ready artwork
  • undertake a pre-flight checks of the artwork received to ensure it is ready for the printer
  • confirm artwork received by the selected print supplier
  • arrange for the provision of proofs as required
  • undertake quality checks as necessary
  • check progress throughout production
  • check and confirm despatch/delivery/distribution arrangements
  • close job when complete and arrange for invoice in agreed format
  • issue Customer Evaluation Feedback document for completion by client

Control and transparency with online management tool

CDS uses a bespoke, browser-based comprehensive print management tool, Print Portal, to capture and record all activity associated with the job and manage each job through from enquiry through to delivery.

Print Portal is structured to capture work by individual, team, department and organisation. Print Portal has comprehensive pre-defined reports which provide all parties key information and MI.

Reporting is available by request through CDS or, if preferred, CDS can give clients direct access to appropriate reports through Print Portal.


One of the key objectives of the new framework contract is to demonstrate value for the Welsh Public Sector. CDS is in tune with this concept and our Print Managers are keen to identify the best and most cost efficient solutions, ensuring that the client enjoys savings on spend wherever possible. All savings are reported through the MI systems to the client and summarised to NPS Wales.

Creative requirements

CDS has a team of Designers and Artworkers who can generate concepts or undertake amendments to existing artwork. Our creative studio is equipped with the latest In-design software and Creative Suite.

Additionally, CDS can generate animations via After Effects, motion graphics via Prezzo and web-site solutions using WordPress.

Multi-channel (digital solutions) can be generated to output in all common formats including Smartphone, iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad, PC, Mac, etc.

Our Editorial Team provide the following services:

  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Proof-reading
  • Re-voicing a document
  • Easy Read ©

CDS has already provided print management services to:
Welsh Government
Powys County Council
Monmouthshire County Council
Welsh Local Government Association
Welsh Language Commissioner
Welsh Blood Service
South Wales Police
Natural Wales
Powys County Council
Monmouthshire County Council
Careers Wales
Conwy County Borough Council
Caerphilly County Borough Council

Since 2009, feedback received across all CDS clients rates our service overall as good or excellent.

Proven results in Wales

NPS Wales Printing Services Contract – September 2014 – January 2016

CDS was appointed as the exclusive Print Manager on the above NPS Wales Printing Services Contract let via the Crown Commercial Services Framework. This initial contract went live on 1 September 2014.

This short-term bridging arrangement replaced the expired All Wales Print Framework, providing organisations across Wales with a compliant contract, whilst developing the new Framework Contract to meet the needs of the Welsh Public Sector.

Over the term of the contract, the print requirements from these organisations totalled over £1.5M with over 90% of work directed to our approved Welsh supply chain.

CDS appointed a dedicated Print and Account Manager, James Pullan, who became the single point of contact for all Welsh clients. James’ role was primarily to:

  • use his significant print expertise to help and advise clients – particularly users with little or no print experience
  • provide formal quotation(s) through the selection of the most appropriate (in terms of equipment and capability) and cost efficient Welsh suppliers, and
  • supported by his team of Print Managers, manage every project from concept through to delivery. This ensured that clients received the right product, at the right time, in the best format and quality, at the best price – whilst at all times seeking maximum cashable savings

CDS has provided an exceptional level of service to all its Welsh clients. This is corroborated by comprehensive feedback we have received from clients rating our service with over 97% of clients rating our overall service good or excellent.

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NPS Wales Print and Related Services Framework 2016-2020

Who can use the Print Management Lot (Lot 9) and when can it be used to access print

The new Print and Related Services Framework contract has 9 lots. Lots 1-8 provide the buyer with the opportunity to engage directly with print suppliers. Lot 9 provides the buyer with access to an experienced Print Manager and a comprehensive, wide scoping Print Management Service embracing all the services available through Lots 1-8 but on a managed service basis. Lot 9 is a particularly good route to market for organisations who have limited, little or no print expertise in house.

CDS is the exclusive Print Manager appointed to Lot 9 under the Framework. CDS provided print management services under the recent Bridging Arrangement and already has good experience of serving the Welsh Public Sector.

CDS built a strong local supply base of Welsh suppliers for the Bridging Arrangement and the majority of these suppliers have been retained for the new Framework. CDS works hard to ensure that the vast majority of spend is directed to Welsh suppliers. Under the Bridging Arrangement, 90% of the total spend of £1.5M (1 year) was undertaken in Wales using Welsh suppliers.

We understand that a number of the organisations that have signed up to the new framework have enjoyed good relationships, quality and reliability with suppliers geographically close to them and are concerned that these suppliers may not have been formally appointed to the new framework in any of the Lots 1-8.

Again, Lot 9 would be a good route to market as CDS is not limited to using suppliers appointed to Lots 1-8. We are happy to take your organisation’s list of local suppliers with whom you would like to continue trading, and engage with them on your behalf.

Why not contact us to discuss how we can help.

Who can use Lot 9?

  • Lot 9 is available to all organisations who have signed up to the new framework regardless of size and scale
  • No organisations are precluded from accessing the Lot 9 Print Manager even if they have print expertise in house

When can Lot 9 be used?

  • Organisations can use the Print Manager (Lot 9) on a project by project basis. In these cases a normal Purchase Order between the Organisation and CDS will be sufficient to formalise the engagement
  • Organisations may have a longer term project covering a number of components and/or spanning a number of weeks/months. They may assign all production for this project to the Print Manger (Lot 9) even though throughout the period they wish to place work with other suppliers on Lots 1-8. As above, in these cases a Purchase Order covering the estimated total cost of the project will be sufficient to formalise the agreement
  • Organisations may choose the Print Manager (Lot 9) route for all their print and related services requirements. In this case, a simple agreement may be drawn up to formalise the arrangement including an SLA and KPIs. It would still be appropriate under this arrangement to commit to each piece of work via the issue of a formal Purchase Order

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