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Olympic Gold. Service champions choose CDS. We were a key supplier to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

How do you become a service champion in your organisation? You free your time and energy to focus on delivering core business objectives. By partnering with CDS you can leave the complexities and risks of marketing distribution to a tried and tested partner. We will act as an extension of your team, helping you mitigate risk, saving you time and budget, and increasing the efficiency of your communications.

Savings for membership organsisations

Do you recognise the following scenario?

Your focus should be on marketing communications but invariably buying print, managing suppliers and other marketing distribution tasks takes up a large proportion of the time allocated to a project. To mitigate risk, save time and effort, you often rely on a small set of ‘trusted’ suppliers. You recognise that in an ideal world you would undertake market testing to check prices and quality, however the urgency of delivering within tight deadlines takes priority.

Managing risk

The more complex the project, the greater the risks associated with delivery. Consider the following:

  • Managing the mechanical tasks of marketing distribution reduces time spent on achieving strategic marketing and communication goals
  • How to deliver continuous improvement and innovation?
  • Paying over the market price and not achieving value for money
  • Over reliance and vulnerability associated with a small supply chain
  • A lack of transparency in MIS
  • Ad hoc procurement processes adding risk to delivering projects on time and budget

Splitting communication elements and marketing distribution

By splitting the communication elements from marketing distribution, you can concentrate on being a service champion. You will:

  • Ensure appropriate media and channels are used to deliver the right content to the right audience in the right context
  • Save time – not having to deal with production issues and multiple suppliers
  • Mitigate all risks associated with delivering complex communications projects
  • Ensure projects are delivered on time and budget at optimal quality
  • Save on costs by ensuring market tested suppliers are always used
  • Improve control over your branding
  • Reduce administrative overhead
Website and CRM integration solutions for membership organisations

Why choose CDS?

CDS is ideally placed to handle marketing distribution. We have an excellent track record, ranging from our work with the  General Medical Council (GMC), British Veterinary Association, London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG), to the Metropolitan Police and Transport for London. We’re also a trusted supplier to local and central government, including the Cabinet Office.

CDS Print Portal

We have the systems, for example our print portal (click on the image to see a screenshot) to effectively manage every print project from inception to invoice. We also have a large supplier base, all of whom have passed a rigorous approval process. Our relationships built over many years with trusted print suppliers is one of CDS’ key strengths.

Our friendly and expert staff offer a wide range of creative, print and digital solutions including:

  • Graphic design,
  • Content generation and editorial
  • A wide range of printed communications including variable print
  • Digital services

The key to our success is a holistic approach to marketing distribution, unified across all communications – both print and digital –  helping you to control your brand and costs. All our processes and systems are resilient and robust, backed up by ISO certifications which are independently verified. This ensures we can deliver the highest quality marketing distribution service.

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