Channel agnostic

Multi-channel creative campaign

Multi-channel creative campaign

Channel shift from print to digital offers significant cost savings, efficiency improvements and far more flexible and timely service delivery.

However, just switching off print and transitioning communications to digital is a crude approach and risks alienating or excluding your audience*. A balanced approach based on analysis and measurement is required and this is where we can help.

As an organisation that provides content creation, design, print management and digital services, we believe that we are truly channel agnostic. CDS are ideally placed to work with you on a controlled transition to a blend of digital and print channels.

Our strength as an agency lies in ensuring the right content is delivered to the right contact, in the right context, and your target audience is then empowered to act on the information they have received.

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* In 2013 the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) found that of the 22% of people who do not use the internet, the majority are unlikely to change their minds as they perceive the internet as not interesting/useful.