Our supply chain

CDS has a national network of reputable printing and distribution partners. They offer an extensive range of products and services which enables us to efficiently source and market test all of your print requirements.

We take a long-term partnership approach to our supply chain, sharing feedback and the latest industry innovations through regular communication and onsite review meetings. We undertake vetting on all companies to ensure that they comply with our stringent quality and environmental standards.

Appropriate size and capacity

Unlike other Print Management companies that utilise a vast number of print suppliers, CDS has sourced from the marketplace a smaller and more manageable number of suppliers that cater for the widest range of print required by our many clients, whilst still remaining flexible enough to deal with periods of peak production.

We have adopted this approach as we believe a smaller number of suppliers enables a closer and more effective long-term working relationship. This benefits both CDS and our clients through:

  • Greater operational control
  • Daily communication to drive value and minimise risk
  • Exceptional service catering for changing deadlines and urgent requirements
  • Consistent processes and procedures to recognised international standards
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Effective performance monitoring and supplier feedback across key metrics

Innovation and continuous improvement

CDS continually improving and updating its knowledge of industry advances and best practice for the benefit of our business and clients.

Our Supply Chain Manager regularly meets with our approved suppliers to keep abreast of improvements in plant machinery, systems technology and industry applications. Suppliers are also regularly brought into CDS offices to brief our staff on specific topics.

We also meet with equipment manufacturers, attend trade fairs and exhibitions and monitor industry news and publications. Information gathered from these sources feeds into the company’s communications process and policies for dissemination across the business through our staff.

Vetting, approval and day-to-day management

Our supplier vetting and re-vetting procedures form part of our ISO9001 Quality Management Systems accreditation.

CDS has a dedicated Supply Chain Manager who is responsible for monitoring our approved suppliers’ service. We assess their performance on an ongoing job-by-job using our online Print Portal, complemented by regular and formal supplier inspection visits and regular meetings.

If you believe you have something to offer and wish to become an approved supplier, please contact our Supply Chain Manager here.