Order online

To manage our end-to-end service we use Print Portal, CDS’ bespoke, online management system. It is available to our customer users through any web browser. After secure login, users can select products and quantities and place orders for items stored by CDS via a simple, intuitive catalogue, basket and checkout facility.

Complete end-to-end service

Our document and forms management service includes:

  • online ordering
  • order tracking
  • pick and pack services
  • logistics and distribution services
  • stock control and returns
  • secure destruction of unwanted items
  • vetted staff and secure warehouse

Stock control

CDS Print Portal automatically updates all stock information in real time to provide an accurate picture of available items. For regular or non-urgent requirements, Print Portal enables deliveries to be ‘bulked up’ to individual locations reducing delivery costs and environmental impact.

Print Portal lets clients manage their stock in real time within the CDS warehouse. Users can:

  • view stock levels
  • place orders for deliveries, using a catalogue, basket and checkout interface
  • view when products were added to their stock
  • set indicators for low stock levels
  • generate a variety of reports, including stock history

As orders are received via Print Portal, our logistics team pick and pack against each Print Portal order and prioritise dispatch according to urgency and delivery location.

Vital statistics

At CDS we:

  • store over 600 pallets
  • store thousands of individual lines for dispatch
  • dispatch over 200 consignments daily, to UK locations and international destinations