Template central

How Template Central works

Easily enforce brand compliance & reduce design costs.

Using Template Central allows you to take control and places the design creation in your hands.

Below we will briefly cover the key components of Template Central. The best way to understand the how this solution works is through the live CDS demo (see above for contact details). You find out more about the benefits of Template Central here.

Key components

Design creation

The template is created by professional graphic designers, who will ensure brand compliance by configuring elements within the template such as colours, fonts, image choice and placement of logo. Once the template has been created you can easily input your own text and graphics to create your own marketing collateral, without any technical or design skills.

The templates are hosted by CDS with secure password protected online access.

Print Portal Interface

The optional print portal interface provides a connection with CDS’ online print management system allowing you to send artwork directly to print. This not only provides a seamless design to print service, but also allows you to benefit from our print buying power and more cost effective print.

Approval workflow

The optional approval workflow allows artwork to be sent to one or multiple users for review and approval, prior to sending the artwork to print.

Image library

Global and restricted image libraries may be created to allow access to your approved images.

Data merge

The data merge facility allows you to link variable content to create personalised communications  based on a customer’s profile.

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