Personalised content

Template Central personalisation info graphic

Template Central personalisation info graphic

Many of our clients wish to deliver personalised content through traditional print as well as increasingly using digital channels based on profiling and segmenting audience groups.

The benefits of personalised content:

  • Makes material relevant
  • Increases the chances of it being read
  • Engages customers
  • Makes customers feel valued
  • Increases return on investment

Personalised printed marketing and communications materials can then be delivered to your segmented audience through CDS Template Central. Content that can be selected and linked to an audience can include the choice of imagery, headlines, mailing data, as well as body copy tailored to suit the appropriate tone of voice for each audience. In short, using a common template, we can link variable content to create personalised communications based on the customer’s profile.

Customer address data can also be merged and printed directly onto the product. This not only streamlines the process of supplying mailing data, but also reduces print costs associated with envelopes and collation costs.

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