Template Central benefits

Key benefits to using CDS Template Central

  1. An in-house solution that allows you to create professional print ready artwork without training or formal design skills
  2. Eliminates expensive design costs
  3. The use of templates help to protect your brand and ensure consistency across your marketing collateral. Your typeface, colour palette, approved images and logo position will be incorporated to ensure brand compliance
  4. Image libraries may be created to provide access to approved images
  5. Places the design creation in your control without the reliance on third party suppliers, thereby saving time
  6. Templates can also be integrated into our Print Portal System allowing you to automatically send artwork to print. This not only provides a seamless design to print solution, but also allows you to benefit from our print buying power and more cost effective print
  7. Approval workflow allows artwork to be sent to one or multiple users for review and approval prior to sending the artwork to print
  8. A web optimised PDF can be generated allowing you to distribute via email or upload onto your website. This is particularly valuable in today’s drive to digital first and will allow you to reduce print costs
  9. A low cost solution, which does not require training and overcomes the need for expensive desktop publishing software, such as InDesign
  10. All artwork is backed up on the CDS dedicated server, which allows previous artwork to be retrieved and amended
  11. A secure web based solution that does not require any additional software and can be accessed 24/7

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